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How to Create a No Fuss No-dig Vegetable Garden

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In Jackie French’s ‘Backyard Self Sufficiency’ she describes a garden full of life. Masses of healthy plants dripping with heirloom fruit and vegetables.  Free-range chickens scratching in the earth for grubs and insects. Clumps of lavender growing beneath the clothesline. Native birds flitting amongst the trees. A compost heap in the back corner supplying rich black soil for the garden and reducing household waste. Native bees pollinating the fruit and vegetable crops and providing honey. In short, a complete ecology in your own backyard. Jackie French also describes a minimum work no-dig garden as an easy way to get a vegetable garden up and running.

I found another description of a no-dig garden in Leonie Norrington’s ‘Tropical Food Gardens’ which looked surprisingly quick and easy to establish.

What you will need:

  • fertilizer
  • cardboard or newspaper
  • straw
  • manure
  • potting mix
  • seedlings
Step One: select a sunny site with exposure to the morning sun and preferably sheltered from the harsh afternoon sun.

Step Two: fertilise.

Step Three: lay down a layer of cardboard and wet throroughly.

Step Four: lay down a layer of straw and wet thoroughly.

Step Five: lay down a layer of manure and wet thoroughly.

Step Six: lay down another layer of straw and wet thoroughly.

Step Seven: lay out your seedlings.

Step Eight: divide parts of the straw and sit the seedlings in the gap. use the potting mix to stabilise the plants.

Step Nine: cover the potting mix with straw being sure to leave some space around the base of the plant.



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