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We have a house guest at the moment. He (she???) turned up on our backyard verandah one morning and hung around until we decided to put him in the guinea pig hutch to stop him pooping on the verandah. The guinea pigs are in a cage at the moment so the hutch was empty. We were stunned by how tame this little guy is. He basically flew onto my shoulder the moment I first stepped outside and chirps away . No idea how long he will be hanging around. It may even be a permanent move but we have to wait a few weeks to confirm. We took him down to the local vet the first day he arrived and put him on the lost animals register, if in four weeks, he isn’t claimed, then he’s ours. In the meantime our house guest is keeping Miss M quite entertained.


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  1. Our house guest flew over the back fence yesterday and has not been seen since. I hope he is safe and that he found his home.

  2. What a pity – Miss M has lost her friend. So sad.


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