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Sunday Roast

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I grew up having roast any day of the week so the grandeur of a roast meal was something ordinary. Something be to expected rather than admired & savoured. The Sunday Roast seems to me an archaic oddity. That being said, I would like to reinstate this tradition. And here’s why…

Sunday is traditionally a day of rest and recuperation. A day to reflect on the week gone by and plan for the week to follow. It is also the one day of the week that the family is likely to spend together and what better way to appreciate this than to sit down at the table as a family and appreciate a proper meal.

I think that part of creating a strong family involves tradition. Traditions build themes & reinforce family values. The saturday morning trip to the markets is about more than buying food for the next week. It is also about buying cheap, fresh, local produce because we care about our nutrition & saving money. Sending Christmas cards each year is a chance to keep in touch with family & friends and renewing those ties. Those cards say we value family & friendships. Australia Day BBQs aren’t just about the Triple J countdown and seeing friends, it’s also about celebrating how lucky we are to live in such a unique country. It’s saying, we’re proud to be Australian.

And so I would like to reinstate the Sunday Roast as a way to reflect on the past week. To celebrate the wins and commiserate on the losses. Together, as a family.




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  1. mmmm Sunday roasts…………..I grew up having a roast or corn meat (beef, pork or lamb) for lunch every Sunday. Mum would put the roast on to cook after we came home from church. Seems a bit ridiculas now when I think of the summer heat in Western Qld and a wood stove. We would then have the leftover for Sunday tea as sandwiches or with Mum’s version of a salad – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, beetroot and cheese – no dressing. Sometimes we would get fritters made from the left over roast. For breakfast on Monday morning we would often have pan curry or fritters made with the left over meat or for Monday tea we would have She[herds pie made from the leftover roast. So you can see how economical a roast can be. Did I say that I was one of six children so Mum was able to feed a family of eight for 2 or three meals from the one piece of meat. And unlike today, lamb was dirt cheap.
    I find roasts the easiest of meals to cook. They also used to be one of the most economical but with the escalating costs of beef, lamb & pork, I find roast chicken and corned meat becoming the norm while roast beef, lamb & pork are more fequently being bought only when they are on sale.
    I cooked roast lamb for tea on Sunday. I then had it with salad for lunch yesterday & today. Tonight I used the rest of the roast to make a sweet lamb pan curry. Yumm.


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