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Regrow Spring Onions in a Jar of Water

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It’s true. You can regrow shallots in a glass of water. Here’s the results of a couple of days, actually it could be a week or more as I forget when I actually ‘planted’ this bunch. Since then I have simply been changing the water each day. You can see where they were cut and the fresh green regrowth.

I only recently read about this technique on a number of websites and thought that I would try it out for myself. As you can see, the results speak for themselves. If you already have a vegetable garden planted, or a spare pot lying around, plant them in the soil and apparently they’ll grow back indefinitely (ApartmentTherapy).


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  1. well that’s kinda useful! it lessens the cost in buying ingredients…why not grow all ingredients!haha

  2. I love this. I read this as well and I’m going to try it out. We planted these outside last year and the came out in abundance. I think we will keep them in the sunroom this winter and see what we can make of them.

    Do you cut the entire white part and put the green in the water? How far do you cut? Also do you mean that once we cut them we can plant them in soil again and they will re-grow? I just want to make sure I’m understanding all of this. Cheers.

    • Hey there, I was really excited when I read about this idea as well. Usually I buy a whole big bunch and use one or two stems and then the rest stays in the crisper getting slimy until I throw it out. It always seems like such a waste but this is the only way that you can buy them. At least if I’m growing them, I can use them when I need them and the rest keep growing.

      When you cut the spring onions you need to keep the white bit with the roots attached. This is what you can put in water, or plant in the soil. Then it’s the green bit that grows back.

      You need to leave a couple of inches. I cut about 6 inches from the roots, but the Apartment Therapy article suggests that about 1.5 inches is enough.

      And yes, you can plant them back in the soil, that way they will be getting the nutrients they need to keep growing. If you leave them growing in water it changes the taste so it’s probably better to grow them in the soil where they belong.

      Good Luck!

  3. I saw this on pinterest and was going to try it too. Good to see its working for you.

  4. I’ve had them in the glass for a couple weeks now and nothings happening. I must be doing something wrong. I use the entire green part all the way down to the white onion. I cut the bit at the bottom with the root and tossed that in a glass of water. Actually there’s about 4 in there now. Nothings happened… Help!! lol.. I’m rubbish with this stuff.

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  6. Tenhae McNally

    Once they sprout you replant them πŸ™‚
    It’s great for kids!!!
    Do the same with celary too πŸ™‚


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