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Simple Living in Mainstream Media

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Tonight on A Current Affair, Rhonda Hetzel was interviewed about simple living. She has a column in Women’s Weekly, one of Australia’s most popular women’s magazines. It seems that simple living is becoming more and more popular. What with global economic crises and environmental disasters the idea of becoming less dependent on corporations and more self-reliant seems to be the ‘in-thing’ once again.

Indeed, these days, I can manage to buy any number of gardening and organic life magazines from the newsagents. The local library has plenty of books to help me grow veggies, be self-sufficient, make my own clothes, and even make & use home remedies. In Brisbane, community gardens are scattered throughout the city as are local farmer’s & crafts markets which is encouraging a move away from thoughtless spending. Consumers are becoming more aware of where their produce is from, what’s in it, and the conditions by which it is made. I believe the term is ‘ethical spending.’

While the thrifty do-it-yourself mindset seemed to have been discarded by the baby boomers, their parents skills and way of life is being rediscovered by another generation concerned about their finances and the escalating cost of living. What’s old is new once again.


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  1. Absolutely! I’m part of the generation that discarded and is now rediscovering self sufficiency.


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