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Meal planning is an incredibly simple way of reducing the household budget. Why, you ask? Because at the beginning of the pay week you can do one shop and buy all the pantry ingredients you need for the week. Then, on the weekends go to the local farmer’s market and pick up any fresh ingredients you need. If you’re shopping from a list derived from a meal plan you’ll only buy the items you need and because you’ve already checked your pantry & fridge, you won’t be buying things you already have. You’ll also be saving petrol by reducing your trips to the store for supplies each day. Oh, and don’t forget the time you’ll save by cutting out all those extra trips and hand-wringing wondering what you’ll be eating for dinner each night. All you’ll have to do is follow your meal plan. Of course, you can switch meals around if you want, but because you’ve got all the ingredients you need this won’t be a problem and there’s still a margin for spontaneity.

So here’s this fortnight’s meal plan: 

T Spaghetti

F ———–

S Curry & rice

S Corned meat & vegies

M Spanakopita

T Pumpkin risotto

W Rice & broad bean soup

T Potato & spinach gnocchi

F —————-

S Shepherd’s pie

S Apricot chicken

M Lentils

T Kidney bean & salad burritos

W Tuna cakes with salad



  • Lemon ricotta cake
  • Chocolate slice
  • Muesli bars

You’ll notice there’s two blank spaces. I always leave these blank spaces so that there’s room to accommodate social events and leftover nights. I’ve been trying to make a point of having a roast meal on Sundays, just like Grandma used to do and this has so far been an enjoyable experience and thankfully appreciated. The last couple of fortnight’s I’ve been adding a snacks section in hope of doing some baking. So far, I haven’t actually gotten around to making these little extras. Wishful thinking perhaps, but it’s always nice to have homemade treats available for an easy snack or desert.


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