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Making Bread

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There’s something warm and comforting about the aroma of freshly baked bread. It’s a familiarity with the past and the generations of women before us who woke before the break of dawn to bake the bread before the family woke up. I’m sure there was a lot of poetic love that went into those loaves. And I’m certain there would have been many tears of exhaustion as well. While I’m lucky enough to live in a time when I can simply drive to the store and purchase everything I need and practically anything I could want, I can’t help but appreciate those women and their efforts to provide for their families the only way they were allowed. Through their efforts in the kitchen and the home.

Reading Rhonda Hetzel’s blog Down to Earth has inspired me to try baking bread. Now that I make my bed most morning it seems like a logical next step to the day. I found this quick and easy recipe on the web and it turned out delicious drizzled with a little golden syrup.


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