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Highlights of 2012

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Bellis, May & August

We visited Jerry Coleby-Williams‘ garden Bellis twice this year for the open days. It was inspiring to see the possibilities of what can be achieved in a suburban backyard garden.  In May the Rosella’s had matured and the garden was full to the brim of other delights like Pidgeon Peas, amaranth, marigolds and greens of every sort.

Jane Street Community Garden Blitz,  May

In May I spent the day at the Jane Street Community Garden for a Permablitz shovelling mulch and planting seedlings, oh and taking lots of photos of the day. There was plenty happening over the course of the day with new garden beds installed, weeding and mulching of the adjacent slope, disposal of rubbish leftover from last years’ flood, installation of an aquatic garden,  clean up of the orchard, among other things. By the end of the day the place was barely recognisable.



Kitchen Gardening with Young Children with Morag Gamble, September

In September I attended this workshop at the Fairfield Public library. Brisbane Public Libraries offer sustainability workshops throughout the year if you’re interested in learning more about composting, fruit & vegetable gardening, backyard pests and pets, keeping chickens, etc. Some of the cuttings from the workshop have been flourishing and others died in the first few days. Morag Gamble is a director of SEED International and a permaculture & transition town advocate.


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