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Trying to Grow Kang Kong

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Kang Kong & Broccolini

Kang Kong & Broccolini

Eat more green leafy vegetables. That’s what all the health experts tell us. Sometimes it’s not easy when you pay so much and then they wilt so quickly in the fridge.

Greeny leafy vegetables are something I really want to be able to grow successfully in my garden. However, I haven’t had much luck so far. Bright lime green Caterpillars ate most of my last attempts at growing salad vegetables last winter. There’s also the fact that many traditional green leafies are not exactly suitable for subtropical weather.

Then I stumbled upon Asian greens, in particular Kang Kong, or water spinach as it is also known. This green leafy is a semi-aquatic plant from the Morning Glory family and is well suited to the sub-tropical climate here in Brisbane.

After watching Phil Dudman’s Growing Kang Kong video I thought I would give it a try and went out to buy some.

The photo above shows a rather large bunch of Kang Kong which was bought from a local Asian grocery store for $1.20 AU. The small bunch of broccolini was bought on the same day from the local supermarket for $3.00 AU. I am still confounded how there can be such a price/volume difference.

My growing attempts were thwarted though as I watched the Kang Kong miserably shrivel up and wilt in the vase of water I attempted to grow it in. This is obviously not going to be quite so simple as growing spring onions in water.


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