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Hi, I’m Sally. In another lifetime I was a librarian. Now I’m mum to a beautiful little fairy that lives in our garden, or at least disappears out the door whenever she can. I am also the wife of a kind-hearted, loving man who encourages me to follow my dreams, even if they are out of the ordinary.

We live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and have just purchased our family home. It is an ordinary three bedroom home on an ordinary suburban block but there’s plans afoot to change this. I want to turn our little plot into a living, breathing, permaculture wonderland. With vegetable garden beds, fruit trees, chickens, bees, guinea pigs and maybe even a little pond for the frogs and a quail or two. As a family we are interested in spending less than we earn, creating a sustainable lifestyle and spending time with our family and friends when time and travel allows.

This is our journey and you are welcome to join us…

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  1. OMG look how much the fairy has grown.

  2. A lovely little fairy you have lurking about the house 🙂 Mine is a tad larger and beginning to shed some of the fairy wings (wahhh) but still can be seen flitting about from fern to flower even at 12.


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