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Trying to Grow Kang Kong

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Kang Kong & Broccolini

Kang Kong & Broccolini

Eat more green leafy vegetables. That’s what all the health experts tell us. Sometimes it’s not easy when you pay so much and then they wilt so quickly in the fridge.

Greeny leafy vegetables are something I really want to be able to grow successfully in my garden. However, I haven’t had much luck so far. Bright lime green Caterpillars ate most of my last attempts at growing salad vegetables last winter. There’s also the fact that many traditional green leafies are not exactly suitable for subtropical weather.

Then I stumbled upon Asian greens, in particular Kang Kong, or water spinach as it is also known. This green leafy is a semi-aquatic plant from the Morning Glory family and is well suited to the sub-tropical climate here in Brisbane.

After watching Phil Dudman’s Growing Kang Kong video I thought I would give it a try and went out to buy some.

The photo above shows a rather large bunch of Kang Kong which was bought from a local Asian grocery store for $1.20 AU. The small bunch of broccolini was bought on the same day from the local supermarket for $3.00 AU. I am still confounded how there can be such a price/volume difference.

My growing attempts were thwarted though as I watched the Kang Kong miserably shrivel up and wilt in the vase of water I attempted to grow it in. This is obviously not going to be quite so simple as growing spring onions in water.

Simple Living in Mainstream Media

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Tonight on A Current Affair, Rhonda Hetzel was interviewed about simple living. She has a column in Women’s Weekly, one of Australia’s most popular women’s magazines. It seems that simple living is becoming more and more popular. What with global economic crises and environmental disasters the idea of becoming less dependent on corporations and more self-reliant seems to be the ‘in-thing’ once again.

Indeed, these days, I can manage to buy any number of gardening and organic life magazines from the newsagents. The local library has plenty of books to help me grow veggies, be self-sufficient, make my own clothes, and even make & use home remedies. In Brisbane, community gardens are scattered throughout the city as are local farmer’s & crafts markets which is encouraging a move away from thoughtless spending. Consumers are becoming more aware of where their produce is from, what’s in it, and the conditions by which it is made. I believe the term is ‘ethical spending.’

While the thrifty do-it-yourself mindset seemed to have been discarded by the baby boomers, their parents skills and way of life is being rediscovered by another generation concerned about their finances and the escalating cost of living. What’s old is new once again.

The Lottery Rule

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During adulthood I have tried to live my life by the Lottery Rule. I ask myself the following question: “If I won the lottery tomorrow, would I continue to do what I am doing now?”

This one question helps me to put things in perspective when life seems boring or I’m going through a tough patch. If I can say that I wouldn’t change a thing then I know I’m on the right path. On the other hand, there have been times we’re the answer was a resounding NO. Dreaming of winning the lottery helps me to fantasise my ideal life. If money was no object: where would I live? what would I do each day? who would I spent time with?

Once I have a clearer idea of what I want to be doing I find it is easier to start making steps towards attaining my ideal life. It’s helped to reshape my life during times where I was unhappy with my current situation, whatever that was at the time.