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5 Reasons for Writing a Blog

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#1 Purpose – someone once said that purpose is what gives life a meaning. Writing a blog provides its writer with something to look forward to each day. In between the routines of everyday life there are ideas for new posts to think about, research to perform, draft posts to edit and final posts to publish. And at the end of the month, or year, the writer is able to enjoy watching their blog grow in length & readership and *hopefully* see their writing improve over time.

#2 Practice – My father taught me that the only way you can make good at anything is to practice, and then practice some more – Pete Rose. Blogging in an obvious medium in which to practice writing. Each post is in itself a complete work, requiring drafting, editing and publication. Practicing this cycle on a regular basis will, over time, improve the writer’s skill. Especially if they take the time to study not only their own writing but the writing of others as well.

#3 Connection – a blog is a public platform. It’s out there on the web for all to see and read. It’s also an open hand held out to you, the reader, to connect and engage in conversation. New ideas grow through conversation as the collective mind is far more powerful than an individual’s.

#4 Reflection – having this type of blog means making a concerted effort to reflect on one’s life and everyday activities. In the process of creating new articles the writer needs to assess whether their actions are contributing to their life goals and if they are not, it is a chance to realign their activities and report on changes. Instead of spending too much time consuming information and procrastinating, writing a blog engages the creative process and ensures that the writer is not only a consumer but also takes the time to reflect on their consumption.

#5 Sense of Achievement – sense of achievement can be found in many pursuits. Many people find a sense of achievement in employment; the monthly reports and annual performance appraisals provide direct feedback on our progress. At home, the love we receive from our family and the joy of watching our children grow is incredibly fulfilling. Keeping a blog provides another outlet for gaining a sense of achievement. It is something outside of the routine day-to-day activities that  builds over time. Feedback can come in many forms, from comments, trackbacks and even special requests by other bloggers to write guest posts for their blogs.

I’m sure there are many other reasons to write blogs but these are the reasons that I have begun this one.