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The Chicken and the Egg

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More new additions to our household… Chickens!

Chook shed

We brought home four chickens last week and they have been settling in to their new home very well. Happily eating, clucking and scratching under the shade of the backyard mango tree. After working out how much it would cost to finish the chook house, we gave up on making our own chicken coop and bought a package deal from a local hatching and produce supplier: Heritage Hatching and Hens. Everything we needed to bring the chickens home for a very affordable price… about 18 months supply of eggs. The chickens should lay for a couple of years and the hutch and feeding containers will hopefully last a couple of chicken generations.

The hutch was flat packed and so Mr T and I happily spent the afternoon putting it together. I finally learnt how to use a drill and found out that it’s really not that difficult after all. And here I was always so intimidated by the bleeping things. Well not anymore.

Two of the chickens are Black Australorps and the other two are mottled (Siamese?) Silkies. The Black Australorps are about five months old so it will probably be another month or so before they start laying, nevertheless, we keep eagerly opening the nesting box each morning to check.


The chickens are somewhat nameless at the moment (I think I remember a saying about never naming your food). However, I did make an off-the-cuff comment about John, Paul, George & Ringo so that may or may not stick. I’d appreciate hearing any chicken naming tips… anyone???

Getting Started on the Chook House

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Last week I came across a pallet on the street. It was out on the footpath for the taking. You see, when people don’t want large pieces of rubbish they put them out on the footpath. The council does a collection about once a year and you’re supposed to wait until then but often you’ll see stuff on the kerb. There one day and gone the next.

So I saw this pallet and remembered I’d seen designs for recycled pallet chook houses on the web. This simple chook house is perfect for the subtropical Brisbane climate. It’s partially sheltered for the winter but allows plenty of air flow so that the chickens won’t overheat during the summer  There are plenty of other designs you can find and depending on your climate some will be more suitable than others.

The first step in making the new chook house is taking the pallet apart. My wonderful husband spent about an hour this afternoon doing this for me while I swept the driveway. I still need to buy new screws and source some corrogated iron before we can put this thing together.