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The Chicken and the Egg

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More new additions to our household… Chickens!

Chook shed

We brought home four chickens last week and they have been settling in to their new home very well. Happily eating, clucking and scratching under the shade of the backyard mango tree. After working out how much it would cost to finish the chook house, we gave up on making our own chicken coop and bought a package deal from a local hatching and produce supplier: Heritage Hatching and Hens. Everything we needed to bring the chickens home for a very affordable price… about 18 months supply of eggs. The chickens should lay for a couple of years and the hutch and feeding containers will hopefully last a couple of chicken generations.

The hutch was flat packed and so Mr T and I happily spent the afternoon putting it together. I finally learnt how to use a drill and found out that it’s really not that difficult after all. And here I was always so intimidated by the bleeping things. Well not anymore.

Two of the chickens are Black Australorps and the other two are mottled (Siamese?) Silkies. The Black Australorps are about five months old so it will probably be another month or so before they start laying, nevertheless, we keep eagerly opening the nesting box each morning to check.


The chickens are somewhat nameless at the moment (I think I remember a saying about never naming your food). However, I did make an off-the-cuff comment about John, Paul, George & Ringo so that may or may not stick. I’d appreciate hearing any chicken naming tips… anyone???

New Additions

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From this morning our little household has grown from four to six with the addition of two lovely baby guinea pigs. Many many years ago when I was still in primary school I wanted pet guinea pigs. I wanted them so bad that I used to beg my parents to get some for me but to no avail. Even tears and tantrums were ineffective against my parents steely willpower. To console myself for not having pet guinea pigs I bought books about guinea pigs and played with friends guinea pigs and even made a clay guinea pig in art class. Yet it was never the same as having my very own pet guinea pigs.

So today Mr T, Miss M & I went for a road trip across town to the Cavy Cottage to pick out some new additions. And so, with no further ado, I’d like to introduce you to our very first family pets:

Smokey and Dusty are eight week old brothers. That’s Dusty at the front he’s the more adventurous one and less comfortable with people. Smokey is hiding at the back and seems to be the more docile one (he’s easier to catch and seems to be quite content being held).

Mum promised that when I bought a house she would buy them for me and she has, to some extent, come good on that promise as we used our Christmas voucher to purchase their new abode. Thanks Mum! xx