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How to grow Spring Onions in water

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I have already blogged about this topic but have been asked to provide a step-by-step tutorial to show how it is done. Growing spring onions is easy and can be done with the leftover bottoms of spring onions you buy from the supermarket.

Step One: Buy a bunch of spring onions. Make sure they are fresh, the greens are crispy and the roots are attached. If they are wilted or slimy you might not get the result you are after.

Step Two: Cut onions with a clean, sharp knife a few inches from the roots.

Step Three: Place in container, with the roots facing the ground. This could be a jar, plastic bucket, glass jug, basically anything clean that holds water.

Step Four: Add the water. You only need an inch or two to cover the roots. Don’t fill the container or cover the whole plant.

Step Five: Empty the water and add fresh water each day and enjoy watching your spring onions grow.


Regrow Spring Onions in a Jar of Water

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It’s true. You can regrow shallots in a glass of water. Here’s the results of a couple of days, actually it could be a week or more as I forget when I actually ‘planted’ this bunch. Since then I have simply been changing the water each day. You can see where they were cut and the fresh green regrowth.

I only recently read about this technique on a number of websites and thought that I would try it out for myself. As you can see, the results speak for themselves. If you already have a vegetable garden planted, or a spare pot lying around, plant them in the soil and apparently they’ll grow back indefinitely (ApartmentTherapy).